Learning & Development

Ethos Farm Learning & Development will help you find the unique formula to inspire the highest levels of performance from your people. Using a range of tools, including our specially developed Performance Rooms, we guide you and your teams to develop the insights and approaches that will ensure you stay close to your customers and are able to adapt and thrive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Building the right skills and making the right decisions can be game-changing, Ethos Farm Learning & Development is dedicated to helping you build the critical individual, team and leadership skills that are right for your organisation and your customers at this stage in the lifecycle of your business.

Businessman Chalkboard Thinking - Ethos Farm Learning & Development Technology

Learning & Development Technology

By utilising Ethos Farm Technologies, we also provide on-line training programmes and platforms that track and trend your work-force performance, driving greater brand awareness into the front-line team whilst minimising time ‘off the shop floor’.

Apprenticeship Levy

Ethos Farm can help you to develop the apprenticeship strategy that is right for you. By guiding you through the many and often complex options that are open to employers, we can help you to make the right decisions for your organisation and ensure that your apprenticeship strategy not only optimises the value from your levy investment, it also strengthens your organisational skill set and builds the loyal, committed and high performing talent base of the future.

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