Ethos Farm Technologies

We build, design and develop software and applications to make your people and operations the best they can be at customer service, training and insight.

Ethos Farm Technologies supports our other service lines in developing software and applications that assist your workforce in being ambassadors of your brand.

Our capabilities

Apps & Software
Bespoke customer service solutions that deliver instant operational and customer results.

Here is a snapshot of our recent work:


A colleague engagement, briefing and auditing checklist tool to successfully manage communication whilst simultaneously reinforcing customer service standards and driving immediate improvements in absence and sickness management.


Bespoke customer service insight and reporting tool designed to provide the greatest level of trend analysis on your customers. Highlighting what they do, how they do it and what you should do to drive incremental revenue or further improve your customer experience.


Our learning and development team has developed a training, learning and
development platform. Providing you with the ability to upload training modules and development modules – driving improved colleague knowledge and product understanding whilst simultaneously reducing time spent off the ‘shop floor’.

Consultation & project management

Bespoke enterprise solutions tailored to your business. Our solutions include:

Collaborative briefing
We will work with you to fully understand your requirements and ensure that we design in line with your aspirations.

Design and build
We will design and develop your solution using our ‘full stack’ design team.

Remove technical debt
We will develop a tried and robustly tested solution that reduces the requirements for iterative design development.

Branding, design, communication and launch
We can provide all you need to successfully launch your product – whether that be B2B, B2C or for in-house purposes.

Review and Insight
We will provide you with detailed data, where applicable, on who is using your product, why they’re using it and what further opportunities you can pursue.