About Us

In the simplest terms, we transform workforces into brand custodians. There is of course a lot more to tell you about why we do what we do, how we do it and what the impact is of this journey on the overall success of a brand or organisation, but let us start by saying that we would challenge anyone to find a more passionate bunch of people when it comes to understanding and enhancing the end-to-end customer experience through people solutions.

The Team

Sally Alington, Founder & CEO

  • 17 years’ industry experience
  • Previously Director of £100M+ business UK, Ireland, UAE
  • MD of Top 10 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Agency 8+ yrs.
  • Twice FMBX Gold Winner & 14 Industry Awards since 2011
  • Headed five separate staffing company acquisitions since 2010
  • Led the sale of Blackjack Promotions Ltd in 2013 to NYSE: ABM
  • Operated the largest staffing agency for Heathrow, WDFG/ Dufry UK
  • Previously Inflight Services for UK “Superbrand”, British Airways

Over the last 17 years I have been privileged to work with some of the world’s most prestigious organisations to enhance their people propositions and improve customer satisfaction. I have also had the opportunity to engage with, and better understand, their consumers to create unique brand experiences.

As the Founder of Ethos Farm and head of the Consultancy side of the business, I specialise in the design and ‘architecture’ of service propositions to exceed customer expectations and build loyalty to your brand, enhancing service scores or improving sales results. Our consultancy team works hand in hand with Ethos Farm Learning & Development and Ethos Farm Technologies to be able to offer full service solutions.

Mat Garner, Co- Founder Ethos Farm Technologies

  • 15 years’ industry experience
  • Previously Director & board member of £350m & £100m business UK, Ireland, UAE
  • Operations and CS Director of 2,000-strong operation at the busiest international airport in the world
  • Head of Commercial and Retail for the Manchester Airports Group
  • Lead Role in the acquisition of Stansted Airport by MAG from BAA in 2013
  • Former Passenger Services Director of Stansted Airport
  • Chartered commercial quantity surveyor

Throughout my career I’ve focused on building a broad experience that has allowed me to genuinely understand what clients in customer-facing industries really need. Previously I headed up part of the commercial function for Manchester Airport Group, giving me great exposure to large scale commercial management responsibilities as well as working closely with brands such as WDF (now Dufry), TRG and HMS Host. I was honoured to become a key part of the £1.5bn acquisition of Stansted Airport as well as becoming a board member with a key focus on ASQ customer service targets whilst achieving our growth targets.

Over the last four years I have been involved in the design and implementation of new technology-enabled services and applications to drive improvements in both the customer journey and the operational management of workforces and I am hugely excited to be Co-Founder of Ethos Farm Technologies where we can offer our customers totally innovative solutions.

Josie Barton, Co- Founder Ethos Farm Learning & Development

  • 25 years’ experience of people and organization development
  • Former Head of Operations, Finance and Planning (BBC)
  • Developed the BBC’s corporate evaluation strategy for Learning
  • Set up and managed the contracts for BBC Apprenticeship Schemes
  • Oversaw the BBC’s first overseas training partnership deal
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualified
  • Qualified MBTI Practitioner
  • Member: Finance, Governance and Audit Committee, House of Illustration.

Over the last twenty-five years, I have had the privilege of exercising my real passion for people development while working with some truly great organizations to drive their business performance through people and organization development strategies. From building competency frameworks for British Airways to orchestrating the training for 2000 staff moving to BBC Media City in Salford and establishing a professional skills academy and apprenticeship strategy for the Competition and Markets Authority, Ethos Farm Learning & Development brings together a combined wealth of experience in workforce transformation, brand learning, service excellence and industry know-how.

As co-founder and head of Ethos Farm Learning & Development, I specialize in the provision of learning and development solutions that help your business to thrive. By understanding your business, your people and your customers, I help you to grow the capabilities and behaviours that will take you to that next level of success, no matter where you are in the process right now.

Lauren Walsh, Co- Founder Ethos Farm Americas

  • 12 years’ industry experience
  • Previously Global Head of Client Services Blackjack Promotions
  • Led Blackjack MENA set-up in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah)
  • Supported the post-acquisition transitions of four UK staffing agencies
  • Formerly Travel Retail Regional Manager L’Oréal Luxe UK for YSL & Biotherm

Having worked for a brand that is as synonymous with luxury and creativity as YSL, it is hugely exciting for me to be Co-Founder of Ethos Farm Americas where we believe we can make a real difference to brand experiences and front-line staffing in terms of talent selection, education and innovation. Working with a portfolio of partner companies in the Americas we have launched customer service, market research and travel retail staffing with a difference – and that difference stems from our focus on turning employees into brand custodians to deliver exceptional and measurable results. Our New York HQ offers all of Ethos Farm’s services, including consultancy, training and technology. Come and discover our passion for Customer Service Architecture!